Divorce Counseling Buffalo NY

The decision to separate or divorce can be the most difficult decision in a person’s life. Divorce is extremely painful for all members of the family. That’s why counseling during a divorce is aimed at helping you get over some of the negative feelings and look towards personal growth and adjustment, enabling you to move away from negativity and toward confidence.

Counseling before, during, or after a divorce is very beneficial for the separating couple. Also, counseling is recommended where children are involved and affected. Many different emotions arise when going through the end of a relationship; it is normal to experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, and fear of the changes ahead. You may feel vulnerable or feel that you have failed. Feelings of rejection are common, too. Guilt is a strong emotion, which often surfaces especially if you are the one who initiated the separation or divorce. Each individual will have different emotional reactions at different times.

When you’re overcome with guilt, sadness, loneliness, resentment, and fear, a therapist can work with you to provide support and help you achieve a new perspective and a plan for your future. Being alone does not have to mean living in loneliness. Therapy can help you understand some of your choices, and assist you in moving on with your life.

Counselor Jennifer knows recovering from a divorce is possible because therapy provides a safe and confidential environment where you can express your feelings. The therapeutic process will help deal with the pain and feelings of loss of divorce.

A mental health counselor can provide the following:

  1. Help you understand the stages of loss and grief.
  2. Teach you the necessary coping skills to deal with the emotional pain of divorce.
  3. Provide a forum for the entire family to receive counseling and support.

Some benefits of counseling during a divorce are:

  • It helps in understanding your reactions and feelings during the process of divorce.
  • It helps you to share your reactions and express your feelings with others in the best possible manner.
  • Assists in finding support for the new challenges that you get to face during the divorce process and also after divorce.
  • It prepares you to handle the reactions of your children towards your decision and help you to know how to handle such reactions.
  • Also helps in identifying the coping skills you are using and also introduce you to new skills that might be useful to you.
  • Helps you to manage anger, frustration and loss.
  • It also helps couples strengthen their communications and negotiation skills.
  • Also helps couples to accept the end of the marriage, avoiding self-blame, guilt and anger.
  • With counseling, you can begin to believe in yourself again.
  • It teaches you on how and when to assert yourself for a better future life.
  • It also helps you to turn a situation you may see as a failure into an opportunity for growth.
  • Counseling also helps you to see and realize that you can be happy again.
  • It also teaches self-reliance and self-care with the goal of increased independence via improved coping skills.

Counseling can nurture your life back to normalcy if you are open to it. With her gentle approach, Jennifer can accompany you on your road to recovery. She’d be happy to help you out.  Please call (716) 432-3656 to take your first step in helping yourself heal.