Family Counseling Buffalo NY

Healthy relationships are key in your overall psychological wellbeing.  When one family member is struggling, the entire family can become off balanced.  You deserve to have meaningful and quality relationships with your family, spouse, children, and everyone in general.

Jennifer’s family counseling services provide specialized mental health services for families by focusing on the prevention and treatment of emotional trauma to foster resiliency in children, adolescents, adults and everyone involved. She focuses on helping individuals and families explore and resolve sources of conflict in their lives, restore or improve their level of functioning and access needed resources. She believes that a strong family unit has a sense of value and mutual support.

Her counseling services include: Family Conflict (sibling rivalry, children not following rules, trauma that has affected the dynamics of the home); Parenting (appropriate discipline techniques, working with different parenting styles, reward and consequence strategies for children); Co-parenting (divorced or separated parents coming together to discuss different house hold rules, rewards, consequence and parenting styles).

In family therapy, the unit of treatment isn’t just the person -even if only a single person is interviewed- it is the set of relationships in which the person is embedded.
Family therapy is:

  • Solution-focused
  • Specific with attainable therapeutic goals
  • Designed with the “end in mind.”

Jennifer helps you design and implement individualized goals and objectives, assist you in sorting out beliefs, thoughts, and behavior patterns that may be hindering you in your relationship(s) at work or in other areas of your life. Jennifer shows you how to apply these tools, skills, and strategies that are therapeutically designed to guide you toward a more fulfilling life experience.

She can also help you manage pain, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, or anger resulting from circumstances that interfere in you being able to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. By working together, she will show you how to set and achieve goals and objectives to meet your needs that will allow you to live the life you know that you deserve.